Training in innovation to lead change

By Luis Rubalcaba, Professor at the University of Alcalá

These days we are launching a new master’s degree and expert courses in innovation. I have decided to set up these postgraduate cycles from the University of Alcalá to try to contribute to training people interested in being protagonists today in the professional world. Allow me this first to explain the reasons for this initiative, even if it consists of advertising it.

In my previous blog, I talked about innovation today being a necessity for workers and organizations, a necessity where we can be passive spectators, or followers, or protagonists. The training I propose responds to this second option: helping students, workers, professionals and managers to be more protagonists of this historical moment so that, with the necessary knowledge of innovation, they can lead change processes in their own work and organization itself.

To stop this, the training that is offered has three perspectives: the economic one, to understand the functioning of society and the economy of innovation, the technological one, to understand the most recent advances provided by the latest tools that are well known by the colleagues of the polytechnic who participate in this training adventure, and the business one, to be able to apply innovation in business and management models that make innovative processes effective. Three perspectives that add knowledge and experiences from the worlds of Economics, ADE and Computer Engineering Sciences, although without forgetting other contributions from the Humanities, Law, Psychology or Psychology. A multidisciplinary approach to innovation aimed at all audiences with a university degree. For them we have a team of experts from various universities, with the support of people who work in companies and organizations dealing with the practical problems of innovation on a day-to-day basis.

We want to offer this training through three areas, from each one you can do an expert course of 15 credits: business innovation, aimed at business managers, public innovation, aimed at managers and managers of the public sector and that of social innovation, aimed especially at the world of the third sector and corporate social responsibility. To all those who are curious to enter the world of innovation, with this training or another, or simply with their own intellectual curiosity, do not hesitate to ask us and we will provide all the information that is necessary.

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