Online Master in Economics, Management and Information Technology

By Luis Rubalcaba, Professor at the University of Alcalá


The master’s degree is divided into 3 modules and a master’s thesis:

Business Innovation

  • Economics and management of knowledge innovation.
  • New business models and innovation in the management of intangible assets
  • Service innovation, servitization and user experience.
  • Artificial intelligence, big data and industry 4.0.
  • Financing, industrial and intellectual property and taxation.

Public Innovation

  • Innovation in the public sector, open government and citizen participation.
  • Innovation and digital transformation to improve Public Administration.
  • Artificial intelligence applied to organizations and the public sector.
  • Innovation in public services: health, education and innovative public procurement
  • Impact evaluation of public policies.

Social Innovation

  • Social economy, social innovation and co-creation of value.
  • Eco-innovation and social innovation for sustainability.
  • Management of social innovation in the third sector and in public services.
  • Emerging technologies and innovation for the third sector.
  • Entrepreneurship and social innovation in companies and Corporate Social Responsibility

Master's thesis

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