New book: Economics and customer experience management

By Luis Rubalcaba, Laura Cortijo Larriba


The arrival of the new experience economy. Defining the terms of experience. Services, experience and society. Dimensions of the experience. Examples of international and national innovations that generate experiences. Experiential marketing User experience design. Customer experience management. Conclusions.


Today, experience makes the difference in the world of economy, business and business. The production and consumption of goods and services is no longer enough. It is necessary to respond to a greater demand for satisfaction from the client or the user who seeks, in the use and enjoyment, an experience that leaves a mark. The economy of experience puts the final recipient at the center. And those who know how to promote and manage it develop new competitive advantages oriented to service, taking advantage of the current technological-digital revolution and globalization.

In this sense, innovation that generates experiences unfolds both greater business growth and social well-being. This is the first book in Spanish that addresses the subject of experience from a comprehensive point of view for any type of organization and economic sector, although the business world is the main reference. It explains the concepts related to the customer or user experience and its different dimensions, as well as how to design and manage it. In addition, it shows the importance of experience-oriented innovation, illustrating it with examples from different fields and sectors. From a deep and scientifically robust vision, the book follows an informative methodology so that any reader interested in economics and business, even if they are not specialists in these matters, can learn by reading about one of the most advanced frontier issues of today economic and business.

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