Education and Health


US projects

  • Transformation of university libraries – Harvard University – visiting summer 2022
  • Innovation in education – Fulbright Schuman visiting at Boston University (2012–13)

European Union Projects

  • Scientific coordinator, value co-creation and social innovation for a new generation of European libraries (LibrarIN) (2022–25) Code: 101061516.

WB Group project (Education GP, work as staff member)

  • UY Promoting Innovation to Enhance Competitiveness (2007–16). Uruguay (lending)

Spanish projects

  • Coordinator, Social Innovation in Health and Education services (2019–22). Spanish National R&D Programme.


Innovation in Education

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Innovation in Health

  • Peralta A. and L. Rubalcaba (2021). A Meta-governance Model of Innovation Networks in the Health and Social Services Using a Neo-Schumpeterian Framework. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18, no. 11: 6133.
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